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Bathgate Thistle Community Football Club is fully committed to educating all our players of the conduct expected of them while representing the club during all activities related to the club. Each player is asked to read, understand, sign and commit to the code of conduct. Players should remember that they have a duty while representing Bathgate Thistle Community Football Club and whilst a player at the club they are asked to behave in a manner which will not bring the club into disrepute. 

General Players Rules: (but not limited to)

  • Never fight, push or pull any fellow players

  • Do not cause damage to any property or you will be asked to pay.

  • Please respect coaches and fellow players.

  • Work hard, always try your best and show a positive attitude at all times.

  • Listen, learn and follow instructions given by coaches. Please do not talk when the coach is talking. If you don’t understand instructions please ASK by raising your hand.

  • Encourage your fellow players and be supportive at all times.

  • Good timekeeping - arrive early for the session.

  • Please bring a drink for the session

  • Any children who disrespect the coaches in any way or misbehave will be disciplined with a verbal warning then a 2nd warning being shown a yellow card which means you will be sent out of the session for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  • Show respect for the rules

  • Show respect for the referees and their decisions

  • Respect all participants including team mates, coaches and opponents

Bathgate Thistle Community Football Club

Executive Committee

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