Club Executive Committee
Pedro Headshot.jpg
Chairman - Peter Graham


Tel: 07956 369 465

Peter Graham took over the role as Chairman of the Community Club in January 2019 after taking up the role following a successful period as part of the clubs Executive Committee and now leads the wider community club, including the future well-being, direction and promotion of the club.

Peter is actively involved with the SYFA and currently holds a position on the SYFA's General Purpose Committee. He is also actively involved with the 2007 Whites in a coaching role at the club since 2014.

Peter's role as Chairman also includes actively promoting and representing the club at all levels

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Vice Chairman - Paul Marr


Tel: 07717 845 802

Paul Marr was appointed to the clubs Executive Committee during July 2018 and has taken up the role of Vice Chairman from June 2019. Paul was the brainchild of Bathgate Thistles successful start up of the soccer school and many other club initiatives such as the start up of the girls section and a number of newly formed teams (2012/2013's) and brings a wealth of experience to the community club Executive Committee.

Paul is an active coach and has been team secretary of the 2007 Whites since 2015. Paul is also the clubs PVG Coordinator taking an active role in helping others within the wider club in a wide range of projects. 


Tel: 07540 234 975

Secretary - Stephen Marr

Stephen Marr was appointed to the clubs Executive Committee and role as club Secretary in September 2021. 

Stephen is an active coach with the 2006 Blacks team. Stephen has also provided support to some of the younger age groups as these have been created, and contributes to the running of the club through his role as secretary.

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Treasurer - John Redmond


Tel: 07850 446 760

John Redmond was appointed to the clubs Executive Committee during July 2018 in the role of General Committee member and John also serves as a Trustee of the Community Club since moving to SCIO status (Scottish Charitable Organisation) and brings a wealth of experience in Financial and Corporate Governance gained from his own working experiences and has now taken over responsibility as Club Treasurer


John in his new roles as Club Treasurer following a hand over period with outgoing Treasurer Fabio and will help in a number of areas covering Financial & Governance among many other tasks.

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Tel: 07851 719 782

Child Protection Officer - Lorna Nicol

Lorna Nicol has been appointed onto the executive Committee in Jan 2019 as the community clubs Child Well Being Protection Officer bringing with her a wealth of experience in this field. Part of Lorna's responsibility at the club is to insure the well-being of all members (including officials) and to help develop the required high standards and protocols that our club deserves.


Lorna is also an active team secretary with the clubs 2011's. and has also recently been appointed as the clubs pitch coordinator for the youth set up within the community club.

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Tel: 07851 719 782

Committee Member - Gemma Marr

Gemma Marr was appointed to the clubs Executive Committee during Jan 2019 in the role of General Committee member and has been instrumental in helping set up and manage the 2011 age group since 2017.

She has transitioned the year group from fun fours, super fives and now in the process of preparing for soccer sevens and continues to provide support for new age groups for our up and coming teams.

Gemma is an active team secretary for the 2011 age group since 2017 and in now involved with the Executive Committee in order to represent some of our younger age groups to drive improvements throughout the club.

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Tel: 07856 223 176

Committee Member - Leann Pecoriello

Leann Pecoriello was appointed to the clubs Executive Committee in June 2019 in the role of General Committee member and has stepped into the role with a background in nursing at a local school. Leann brings a wealth of experience dealing with kids on a daily basis and is exited at joining the Executive Committee in order to help educate others and have a strong voice for our younger age groups.

Leann is an active first aider for the 2013 age group and also helps out and can lend advice with other age groups and has now came on board to lend her experience in multiple areas around the club.