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FN Teamwear - Club Teamwear Partner Order Form December 2022 (Updated)

FN Teamwear - Club Teamwear Partner Brochure December 2022 (Updated)

Link to FN Teamwear Site

It is our aim to continue to grow as a stronger, united community club and to have our own identity, enabling all our members to easily identify our teams and officials as Bathgate Thistle Community Football Club.

After a detailed review of our current teamwear supplier we are pleased to announce our partnership with FN Teamwear (Football Nation) Our club strip has been refreshed in line with JOMA's new range and FN Teamwear where chosen as our new partner for supply of teamwear from 23rd March 2022 onwards.

We believe FN Teamwear provide a reliable, affordable, and quality teamwear range who could fully service our club and provide a teamwear range for all our member teams of all ages including officials, allowing us to continue to identify as a united club with the same shared values.

Our constitution also provides further guidance for new teams and members with clear direction where official teamwear is to be purchased, with easy to use order forms allowing teams to place orders for one or many items at any time including a new club teamwear section on their website.

Teams or individuals who fail to purchase official Teamwear products from the official brochure or through our official supplier will be in breach of our club Constitution. (Unless express permission has been granted by the club's Executive Committee). Please refer to the clubs constitution for more details.

FN Teamwear flat (black) (1).pdf.jpg
FN Teamwear flat (black) (1).pdf.jpg
FN Teamwear flat (black) (1).pdf.jpg

JOMA Size Guide

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FN Teamwear flat (black) (1).pdf.jpg
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